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Letter from supported family

Tue 08 July 2014, Category: Internal

A lovely letter from one of our supported familes, I think it speaks for itself!

(Some content has been removed to protect anonymity)


Dear Home-Start

I wish to write to you to highly praise what you guys do.

In 2012....I was heavily pregnant and my mum was diagnosed with  cancer.... I was at breaking point.

Having a personal diagnosis of bi-polar, severe re-occurent depression etc I was very alone. My mental health support worker referred me to Zoe, she couldn’t do enough for me / us as a family and within days I was given a lady called Maggi. She was a volunteer, and was able to help me for 2 hours a week, I was gob-smacked, real people, wanting to help.

I called my volunteer ‘Mary Poppins’ as she was so amazing. She came to my home and helped with everything, cooking, allowing me to nap, helping my other 2 kids with their homework, to giving me a hug when I sobbed and felt so low, she was my rock.

12 months later we said we said our goodbyes, as with their help, I grew stronger and found my feet.

I was a mum again, a person again.

I want this letter to be used as a statement of proof, of just how
valuable Home-Start is and to so many other family’s too.

I know you are a charity, relying on funding and volunteers.  Your staff are amazing, humane, reliable, understanding, passionate, friendly and with great humorous personalitys.

Give me a year and I will be joining your team, as I want to give back just how much I received.

If I can do anything else to support this essential charity please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards and Big hugs

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‘I think Home-Start are amazing! After seeing first-hand what a difference they make to people’s lives I will always recommend them and try and get volunteers on board. This experience has truly opened my eyes to the lack of support out there and how this service is so important and sometimes the only help available.’

A Volunteer